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jPhilipp is a visual artist. He was born when Coca Cola’s Yes Girl conquered the world. Even as a child he experimented with cheap cameras and shot the first double exposures in which he let his classmates box with themselves. At the same time he drew folds of clothes and their shadows with a pencil and a drawing pad, depending on the posture of the human body. In addition to studying economics and psychology at the Free University of Berlin, he copied old masters such as Caravaggio and Renato Guttuso. He only devoted himself to photographic art from the turn of the millennium. Ten years later he co-founded a photography group. The spectrum of his work ranges from experimental photography to social critical art to diary-like works. Recently he also created various video works. His work has been exhibited at home and abroad.
“Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst“, ist mehr als nur ein Kinderspiel. Mit den Augen, so heißt es, schauen wir in die Welt. Doch was wir sehen, entsteht erst in den dunklen Tiefen unseres Gehirns. Es liefert lediglich eine Vorstellung von dem, was in unser Auge gedrungen ist. Unser Erkenntnisprozess lässt uns nicht die Realität sehen, sondern eine in uns widergespiegelte Wirklichkeit.
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